Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti (English Medium)

Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti (E.M.) is an institution for the all round development of the children in harmony with the feeling of social commitment. The main object sought to be achieved is to collaborate and integrate the socio economic development of the society with the education system, keeping in mind the social culture. The effort is to associate the students learning process as also a part of community development and with spiritual learning .

It is a boarding school for all the social and religious functions in the line of Gurukul System. The students study in the background of Indian culture. The effort is being made so that the children could develop noble virtues through spiritual knowledge.After the education, the children should be in a position to fit and identify a place for themselves in the society and bring up harmony and peace in the society.The school also has its own Agriculture Development Centre where we expose the students to the system of farming .

Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti (E.M.) has the task of bringing up a new brand of students who will look up to the society and spiritualism as the basis of development. Established in the year 1994 at Nasatra, it has the unique and impeccable blend of regular curriculum with the spiritual wisdom. The sound academic discipline builds up a wholesome personality. The spiritual education illuminates life, provides a meaning and nurtures eternal peace.


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Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti-Student

A Student at Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti share her experience

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